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About Us                      

Hearts  Is a small canine apparel company (established in 2003 and located in Stockbridge, GA) which makes a variety of custom-made canine clothing
          items (i.e., nylon 'ADOPT ME' and 'DONATIONS' vests, reflective harness dog vests and reflective military police ID dog vests).  A few years ago we    
          started a new line of harness dog dresses for friends with small breed pups who love to dress them up!  The latest addition to our product line is our
          specialty headgear -- 'BUMPER HAT' (Protective Padded Headgear for 'Special Needs' Pets).  If you are looking for padded head protection for your
          special needs pet, please visit our headgear site (

Hearts  Strives to ensure that quality workmanship goes into every product that goes out on the market!

Hearts  Will have something for your working dog or precious pampered pet!  We can customize a fit from sizes XXSmall to XLarge!

We combine our great passion for our love of dogs and
our talents to create various hand-crafted apparel items for your hard working canines and your beloved family pets. In our family, our pets outnumber the humans!  Our beloved pets are part of our family unit. They are intelligent creatures of God. They provide hours of entertainment with their puppy dog antics and always give immeasurable and unconditional love ... 24/7.  It doesn't take much to get their tails wagging and get them dancing on their hind legs!  

We LOVE our dogs and we LOVE what we do here. We are very PASSIONATE about our products.  We instill quality workmanship and care into each item.  We are sure you will find that our prices are reasonable for the product you receive.

The objective of MISSION PAWSABLE is to produce high quality hand-crafted apparel items and sell canine ready-to-wear apparel that we think would look absolutely adorable on your cherished furry friend. In addition, we value our customers and are committed to providing excellent customer service -- even after the sale.  If you are not SATISFIED, we are not SATISFIED and will make it RIGHT for you!

(Maxie, Mika and Cosie)
Our Beloved Maltese
Forever in our hearts and memories - love you always!
~ Rest in Peace ~
(9/9/1998 - 9/13/2011)

* * aka: Maxie (13-year old male - Maltese) **

* * aka: Meekee (16-year 
old female - Chihuahua/Corgi mix) * *
wearing her medium sized camouflage dog vest.

* * aka: Cosie (12-
year old female - Maltese) * *
wearing her camouflage dog vest with matching cap.